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Highlighted Projects

Here are some of the various websites and webapps
Tristan has made and is actively maintaining.

Leaked Password


Search across multiple data breaches to see if your password has been compromised.


Thousands of curated colors & palettes as well as numerous color tools.


Probably Denmark's best and cheapest LiteSpeed cPanel webhotel with daily backup


A collection of useful tools covering topics like web, network, design, security and many more.


Cloudservers A/S provides high performance cloudservers are perfect for everything from web-apps and development to large enterprise RDS environments.


The simple grid system based on Flexbox.

MUDS Editor

The lightest WYSIWYG editor on the internet.


Notifications, share dialogs, subscription forms and popups.


The future of cloud services in cooporation with Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Dropbox, with more than 50 datacenters worldwide.

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Other Projects

Other projects including, but not limited to, open source libraries on GitHub,
and experimental work on Codepen.

Open List

The easy way to share lists width friends, family and co-workers



Free custom URL Shortener with analytics! Shortened URLs will never expire.

Scutum allows you to encrypt and transfer passwords and other sensitive data via a one-time link

A reintepretaion of the browser's stylesheet


A simple library that let's you create a randomised, dotted background-pattern on any given element on your website.


CSS Radio Buttons

Elegant, pure CSS radio buttons.


Ditte's Dilemma

A blog about overcoming obstacles and living an alternative life, marked by chronic pain.

Cut And Move

Jeg kører ud til virksomheder med min mobile frisørsalon. Medarbejderen booker via mit system og afregner direkte hos mig.


WordBoss is an owner-run company for professional translations and language services. In their role as translation specialists, they have been a reliable business partner for more than 20 years.

Terminal Portfolio

A Javascript powered terminal portfolio. Navigate the portfolio using commands.


Emily White

Emily is a total "fitness Geek" based in Aarhus, Denmark. When she is not busting balls participating in the odd military camp on Cyprus, she spends her time working out in Aarhus.


Make your images ready for the internet by compressing them by up to 90%, all without loosing quality.

Flat Icons

Make your design process a breeze with these 68 carefully crafted icons.


CSS Hover Effects

A compilation of css hover effects ranging from rotate effects to bounce effects and many more.



Mrkdwn is a free and open-source reference guide that explains how to use Markdown, the simple and easy-to-use markup language you can use to format virtually any document.

Sticky Navigation

A navigation example that sticks when the user has scrolled to a certain point.



A lightweight, responsive Masonry grid framework.



A simple, lightweight, responsive css-framework inspired by bootstrap, pure, skeleton and foundation.


Food Icons

Designing a food app? Make your design process a breeze with these carefully crafted icons. The collection includes 12 uniquely designed food icons.



A Teamviewer remote control website, that lets users download and start a Teamviewer session quickly and smoothly.

CSS line numbers

Pure CSS line numbers, made with "counter-reset" and "counter-increment".


Simplistic Dialog

A simple, yet powerful jQuery modal.


Wireframe UI Kit

Impress your clients with uniquely designed user-flows and wireframing UX elements. You'll receive 30 unique elements!


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About Tristan

Tristan is a Systems Engineer with flair for Front-End UI/UX based in Aarhus Denmark

Today Tristan co-owns and works at ServicePoint A/S, primarily focusing on developing and mainting cloud infrastructure.

Building the right foundation to ongoing optimization and support. In short, he tries to make the web a better place.

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