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CSS selectmenu

As of 28-01-2022, this feature is only available as an Experimental Web Platform feature in Chrome. This feature can be enabled in your Chrome browser here: chrome://flags/#experimental-web-platform-features.

You use selectmenu just like you would use select:

<selectmenu class="logos">
 <option value="edge" selected>Edge</option>
 <option value="chrome">Chrome</option>
 <option value="firefox">Firefox</option>
 <option value="brave">Brave</option>
 <option value="safari">Safari</option>
 <option value="opera">Opera</option>

Styling selectmenu

With the selectmenu element you have the ability to style every element of the select menu, using a variety of new CSS selectors such as:

  • selectmenu: selectmenu {}
  • button: selectmenu::part(button) {}
  • selected-value: selectmenu::part(selected-value) {}
  • listbox: selectmenu::part(listbox) {}
  • optgroup: selectmenu optgroup {}
  • option: selectmenu option {}


selectmenu {
 border: 2px dashed red;


selectmenu::part(button) {
 border: 2px dashed red;


selectmenu::part(selected-value) {
 border: 2px dashed red;


selectmenu::part(listbox) {
 border: 2px dashed red;

selectmenu optgroup

selectmenu optgroup {
 border: 2px dashed red;

selectmenu option

selectmenu option {
 border: 2px dashed red;