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I've worked on all kinds of projects, big and small. Dive in below and check some of them out!

CO2 Observer

2023-2024 ·

Provides you with valuable insights into the performance and environmental impact of your website. By utilizing our scanner, you can test your websites to receive a comprehensive analysis, as well as a detailed assessment of the website's carbon footprint.


2023-2024 ·

At FlowSense, we offer a streamlined experience that centralizes management of various services from multiple providers in one convenient location.


2015-2024 ·

Explore thousands of color palettes or create your own. Ideal for designers and artists seeking inspiration. Start your color journey now!

Leaked Passwords

2019-2024 ·

Search across multiple data breaches to see if your pass has been compromised. Implement the API in your signup process to validate users' passwords.


2021-2024 ·

Global cloud infrastructure to develop, deploy and manage applications.


2020-2024 ·

The future of IT outsourcing in the cloud.


2020-2024 ·

A collection of useful tools covering topics like web, network, design, security and many more.


2019-2024 ·

Probably Denmark's best and cheapest LiteSpeed cPanel webhotel.

Sarcastic White

2023-2024 ·

A cool and crisp color theme created around uncluttered design patterns to achieve optimal focus & readability.


2017-2023 ·

A cool and crisp color theme created around uncluttered design patterns to achieve optimal focus & readability.


2023 ·

Add a dark mode to your website in seconds. No hassle, no reworking your entire codebase!


2023 · Github

sortable.js is a powerful, lightweight JS framework used for adding simple sorting controls to HTML tables.

Open List

2020 ·

The easy way to share lists width friends, family and co-workers.

MUDS Editor

2019 ·

The lightest WYSIWYG editor on the internet.


2018 ·

Notifications, share dialogs, subscription forms and popups.


2022 ·

Free custom URL Shortener with analytics! Shortened URLs will never expire.


2021-2023 · allows you to encrypt and transfer passwords and other sensitive data via a one-time link.

2021 ·

A reintepretaion of the browser's stylesheet.


2019 · Github

A simple library that let's you create a randomised, dotted background-pattern on any given element on your website.

CSS Radio Buttons

2019 · CodePen

Elegant, pure CSS radio buttons.

Ditte's Dilemma

2019 ·

A blog about overcoming obstacles and living an alternative life, marked by chronic pain.

Cut And Move

2020 ·

Jeg kører ud til virksomheder med min mobile frisørsalon. Medarbejderen booker via mit system og afregner direkte hos mig.


2018 ·

WordBoss is an owner-run company for professional translations and language services. In their role as translation specialists, they have been a reliable business partner for more than 20 years.

Terminal Portfolio

2019 · CodePen

A Javascript powered terminal portfolio. Navigate the portfolio using commands.


2019 ·

Make your images ready for the internet by compressing them by up to 90%, all without loosing quality.

Flat Icons

2015 · Iconfinder

Make your design process a breeze with these 68 carefully crafted icons.

CSS Hover Effects

2015 · Iconfinder

A compilation of css hover effects ranging from rotate effects to bounce effects and many more.


2019 ·

Mrkdwn is a free and open-source reference guide that explains how to use Markdown, the simple and easy-to-use markup language you can use to format virtually any document.

Sticky Navigation

2018 · CodePen

A navigation example that sticks when the user has scrolled to a certain point.


2015-2017 · Github

A lightweight, responsive Masonry grid framework.


2015 · Github

A simple, lightweight, responsive css-framework inspired by bootstrap, pure, skeleton and foundation.

Food Icons

2017 · Gumroad

Designing a food app? Make your design process a breeze with these carefully crafted icons. The collection includes 12 uniquely designed food icons.


2019-2024 ·

A Teamviewer remote control website, that lets users download and start a Teamviewer session quickly and smoothly.

CSS line numbers

2019 · CodePen

Pure CSS line numbers, made with "counter-reset" and "counter-increment".

Simplistic Dialog

2019 · CodePen

A simple, yet powerful jQuery modal.

Wireframe UI Kit

2017 · Gumroad

Impress your clients with uniquely designed user-flows and wireframing UX elements. You'll receive 30 unique elements!